Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pre-4th of July Tasting...

Are you getting ready for the big holiday weekend?
Well we are... lots and lots of ice cold beer, delicious wine - and of course, lots of great food.

To kick off the long weekend, we're having a Black Dog Friday....
As part of our "Staycation Summer", we're sampling out a taste of our very own Martha's Vineyard - figuratively speaking of course!
Join us Thursday evening from 5-8 pm as we taste out the Cabernet and the Chardonnay.
Simple and unpretentious - these wines are easy drinking and great for your weekend fun, especially if they include a little BBQ.


Nancy EB said...

Sounda like a great idea. I found out about you from a Travessia tweet. Will have to stop by soon. Best, Nancy,

BHWS / BHWG said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping in. I just sampled some of the Travessia portfolio that will be gracing my shelves next week. Please introduce yourself when you come in.