Monday, November 05, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser....

After watching the fundraiser this past weekend on televison, I was able to see just how much devastation took place just south of us with Hurricane Sandy.  There was so little that was shown to us here locally in MA - that the full breadth of what devastation took place really was understandable - at least not to me, until then.

We all try to donate to different organizations, and we certainly at BHWG & BHWS do our more than fair share.  But after seeing what these people are going through and how they still have no power or gasoline - how can we not continue to do even more.

In the Melrose store, this Friday - we are hosting a wine & food tasting, and I will donate 10% of my sales to the Red Cross/Hurricane Sandy fund.  I will also have a bucket set up should anyone want to donate extra as well - I'm happy to include your donations with mine.

Please make it a point to come by, try some wine - and know that with every purchase, your contribution just might help someone with a new coat, or funds towards a new apartment while they're waiting to get back into their home - or maybe just food on the table.

Thank you...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Anniversary...and Thank You!

October 19th is the 3 year anniversary mark of our Melrose store being open.  It's been so much fun getting to know all of our customers, and I certainly hope that you all enjoy us as much as we enjoy working with you!

Thursday, October 18th is our 3rd Annual "Thank You" Celebration, featuring over 18 different wines ranging from Champange to Port - and everything in between; Mayflower Beer will be sharing and tasting out their truly awesome local brews; and we are also featuring 4-5 different food vendors who are excited to share with you their culinary treats.  All food vendors participating are local and have delicious treats!  You will not want to miss this event....

Thursday, 10/18
5:30 - 8:30 pm

We hope that you are able to come and have a great time.  It's one way that we like to say thank you for your patronage, and let you know how much we really enjoy what we do. 

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't!

People often ask me what type of wine I like to drink.
That's actually a more difficult question than you would think.
I don't have just one favorite.
For me, it's very mood driven.

When I give that answer, sometimes I'm met with a look that's a bit puzzled - as if to say "you don't have one style that you stick to?".  It's actually not a surprising reaction, because as a retailer I often find that most people find a favorite and then drink it until they're bored of it - and move on to something different.

I've just never been that way.

Actually, I don't pair my wine with food so much as you might think; I go for what I'm in the mood to enjoy.  It doesn't often conflict with my meal choice, and if it does - then I'll indulge a bit before dinner, set my glass to the side - and finish after my meal.

That's typically the advice I try to give to people when they're shopping.  If you're going to dinner at a friend's and want to bring a wine for dinner - absolutely, let's pair it up as best we can.  If you're cooking a specific meal to enjoy with a wine and want it to be perfectly aligned, sure we can do that as well.

But I try to encourage people when they are indulging without being food specific - to try different things; shake it up a bit.  So that they too can be mood driven for what they will enjoy in the glass. 

Sometimes in the dead of summer, I'll still crave a big California Cab - such as Stag's Leap Artemis.  Other times it may be a lighter Viognier.  Or in the winter, sitting by the fire - I still might just want the crisp acidity of a Vouvray.  It's just how the mood hits me.

So the next time you're shopping and you're looking to try something new - let us help you think out of the box - and out of your comfort zone.  You just might find something perfect to fall in love with.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Are you ready for some football...?

We are rip roaring and ready to go...the kids are back to school, the seasons are changing - and football season has started!

Lots of tastings in both stores this weekend!  Hope you can join us!
Beacon Hill: 
Thursday, 9/6 at 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Wines TBD, presented courtesy of Ruby Wine

Friday, 9/7 at 5:30 - 7:30pm
Wines TBD, presented courtesy of United Wine

Saturday, 9/8 at 11am - Join us as we pop a bottle of something that you're sure to love

Sunday, 9/9 at 1:00pm - It's Victorian Fair in Melrose!  Come visit one of the best downtown neighborhoods north of Boston and sample the local restaurants and business' fares & wares.  We're going to have a bottle or two open to celebrate the festivities, so stop on by!


Saturday, September 01, 2012

Labor Day Weekend....

We're not quite ready to see the summer end....are you?

Even still, the season change is rapidly approaching and so we're already starting to think of wines for your holiday dinners and gift giving.

It's never too soon to be prepared, is it?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Looking for something fun and interesting to do? Taste wine and learn about life!

Tomorrow in the Melrose store, at 2pm - we're tasting out some wines that are perfect for this Summer weather that we're so fortunate to still be enjoying:

Saumur Rouge - 100% Cab Franc from the Loire that is a bit brighter and more minerally than it's big brother Chinon.

Abyme Savoie - Few white wines say summer better than this gem.

Henri Bourgeois Quincy - Love Sancerre, but don't want to pay the price?  Check this consistently beautiful wine from one of the leading producers out of the Loire.

Colterenzio Pinot Nero - Don't love some of the syrupy Pinots that come out of Italy?  Us too.  But this bottle from the Alto Adige region is a rock star.  And at a great price, too!

We always try to shake things up a bit in Melrose, and have twists with our tastings.  This time, we're featuring local Certified Life coach Jim McCoy -- he will be on hand to demystify any interpersonal issues from dating to job changes --  through informal chat and Q&A. (

We've also got some tastings lined up for the Beacon Hill store, which I hope to post in the next day or so.  You won't want to miss them!

 And of course, Victorian Fair is approaching in Melrose shortly, so we're thinking of a fun tasting to line up.  Last year we did an acoustic music pairing - so if you have any fun ideas, pass them along! 

Until next time...

Monday, August 06, 2012

Think out of the box....

So, tomorrow is "Try Something New Tuesday"...
Pic Poul Blanc.  Roussane.  Monterey Pinot Noir.  Chilean Cabernet.  Muscadet.  Orvietto.  Barbera D'Alba.  Belgian Ale.  Dry Cider.  Russian Stout.  Chipotle Ale.  Pumpkin Beer.  Robiolo.  Gorgonzola Dolce.  Spicy Pickles.  Homemade Pizzeles.  Cave Aged Cheddar.  Vegan Pate.  Foie Gras.

....what are YOU going to try?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Its been a long time...but let's try again!

Sure it's been a while since we've added something to the blog.  Partly because I was incredibly busy - and partly because - well, no one seemed to be reading it.  But let's give it another try, shall we?

We've got lots cooking in the Melrose shop... this coming Saturday, July 28th at 1pm we have a Port & Chocolate tasting.  I may even throw a little Dutch Vintage Gouda in there just for funsies.  Come on by and sample some of the best boutique port on the market that is at a very affordable price! 

Did you know that every Saturday in the Melrose store we have a bottle of some type of wine open as well as different cheeses and food items?  Check here, on Facebook and Twitter for all the announcements every Saturday morning.

Speaking of food....we've added so many new and exciting food lines to the Melrose location:  Boston Burger Salsa, Big Papi Salsas, Gelato Fiasco Gelato, Boxford Granola, Papa's Pizelles, Number 9 Tortillas, Something Sweet without Wheat maccaroons and Woola's Gluten Free Pastries -- just to name a few.  Did I mention that every single one of those are local food producers?  That's right, from Concord to Revere - Lynnfield to Boxford, you can feel good about shopping local and shopping fresh!

What's happening in the Beacon Hill store....well, we've been going through some renovations due to some water damages we suffered, so thank you very much for your patronage and patience through all of it!  We're enjoying the summer to re-energize the store and get ready to keep the most rocking 400 sq. ft. of alcohol stocked to the gills for this upcoming fall.  Summer is busy in Boston, but nothing like when late August rolls around.

In case you're looking for something special at any time, Monday is ordering day for both locations!  So be sure to get your special requests in to us as soon as you can!  You can email or call and we're more than happy to try to get the items you're looking for.

So for now - this is a good way to get the ball rolling again.  As always - please feel free to ask us anything, we're more than happy to answer it for you.