Monday, May 24, 2010's not what you think!

Interested in learning more about Sake? Did you know that you can pair Sake with many foods - especially cheese? It's not the hot Sake you remember -- Sake comes in many finishes from dry, to sweet, to sparkling -- to all of the above!

Join us for a Sake class, taught by the well known and Sake afficianado Richard Auffrey - otherwise known as the Passionate Foodie.

Class is limited to 12 people, and sign up is required.
$20.00/pp for a 2 hour concentrated class that not only opens your world to the lovely Sake -- but pairs her with a variety of delicious cheese from our artisan case. It's guaranteed to be a delicious and educational night for all.

Thursdsay, June 10th
8-10 p.m.

Email to sign up - or come by the Melrose store!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wine Tastings, New items and more!

Join us in the Melrose store this Thursday as we taste out wine from Qupe Winery some spectacularly delicious wine! California Marsanne from St. Ynez Valley, Bien Nacido Cuvee which is a Viognier blende (one of my personal favorite grapes!) and their Syrah. It starts at 5 pm, so come on by!

The Beacon Hill store has a tasting as well, on Friday at 5:30. We're scheduling to sample Rosenblum Zinfandel, Bargmore Rose, Estancia Cabernet, and Drylands Sauvignon Blanc. You won't want to miss it.....

We've also just pre-ordered and scheduled to arrive in time for Father's Day gift giving are the Beckett Chardonnay, and the Ellsbury Zinfandel. These wines should not disappoint as they are produced by the Clos La Chance wine makers -- and best of all, each purchase benefits the player's respective charities.

New food items in Melrose that you might want to check out are Duck Confit sausages and Chicken with Black Truffle sausages. We added Coffee to our Chilly Cow inventory, and coming this Friday we'll have local honey from Crystal Apiaries in Billerica. Delicious, chunky, organic --and best of all, local -- honey. With tea, on toast, on a spoon - or cook with it -- honey never disappoints!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Don't forget Mom....

This Saturday, from 2-5 join us for a Mother's Day Sampler as we taste out the following:

Bell Cabernet
Hyatt Riesling (Washinton State)
Hyatt Merlot (Washington State)
Trentadue Chocolate Port

We've got all sorts of new food items this week!
Pam's Black Bean Salsa -- a delicious and fresh black bean salsa; DennyMike's Rub Blends in Pixie Dust & Cow Bell Hell; and Cormier's Saute Sauces in Garlic & Jalapeno, Garlic & Ginger, and Orange Burst. Best of all -- they're all LOCAL products! Pam's Black Bean is based out of Marblehead, DennyMike is from York Maine, and Cormier's Saute Sauces are created out of neighboring Stoneham.

As always, I try very hard to have unique and delicious food items that are local because buying local means buying fresh. And -- it also helps surge our local economy -- and every little bit helps!

We also have a new cheese for the case -- Landaff cheese which is brought to us by Jasper Hill Farms in VT. It's a deliciously tangy and nutty cheese, but incredibly creamy and mild. Think along the lines of a Land o'Lakes White Cheese with a tang to it. It's amazing for a cheese plate - and I'd say fabulous for a fun twist on grilled cheese. Ask us for a sample - we'd love to have you try it!

New in the beer cooler is a local beer from Canton: Blue Hills IPA & Imperial Red. Good, good stuff.

Don't forget to check out our blackboard for staff favorite selections and upcoming tastings!
Hope to see you soon!