Friday, June 25, 2010


Today, a customer suggested I try a Live Chat here on the blog - sort of a weekly wine Q&A; some weeks there may be a topic, other weeks it may be more of a "ask anything you want to know" kind of forum.

I've got the software now, so it's just a matter of picking a day to give it a try.
Got a topic you'd like to discuss? Post it here, and maybe it will be the debut!



JK said...

You're invited to a cookout... what wine should you bring?

Do you have recipes for homemade wine coolers?

Does wine go with ice cream?

BHWS / BHWG said...

Hmmm. Good questions "JK".
BBQ - Shiraz is always a good choice; otherwise, light and easy drinking reds such as Malbec are good - also light whites, esp. if it's warm outside. Some Italian reds are fabulous with grilled fare such as Hedone Cirulli from Umbria or Salice Salentino.

I do not have any recipes for home made wine coolers; that's something I'd have to look up.

As far as ice cream -- I've got a delicious chocolate Zinfandel that is amazing over ice cream. It's by Trentadue and it's spectacular either over or with ice cream.

Thanks for asking!