Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mambo Italiano....

So keeping in theme with our Staycation Summer -- I'm trying to get everyone interested and excited about trying varietals that might be out of their comfort zone of familiarity.

One of the red wines that I am really enjoying the reactions when people try it, is Salice Salentino. A blend of Negro Amaro & two different types Malvesia: Nera di Brindisi & Nera di Lecce. It's a delicious and light wine that is similar to Pinot Noir - but rather than being light and bright with a ripe cherry flavor - it's got that nice light body, and bright fruit - but more of a tart cherry flavor. The acidity makes it a perfect complement for food - though, unlike one of it's other Italian counterparts, Chianti -- it is just as enjoyable alone in the glass.

(This is not to say that Chianti is not enjoyable without food...however, in my personal opinion it's better served with a meal or antipasti than alone.)

Why not try Salice Salentino this week if you're looking to try a new red - or give a gift to someone who enjoys lighter bodied wine? I promise, you won't be disappointed!

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