Monday, November 05, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser....

After watching the fundraiser this past weekend on televison, I was able to see just how much devastation took place just south of us with Hurricane Sandy.  There was so little that was shown to us here locally in MA - that the full breadth of what devastation took place really was understandable - at least not to me, until then.

We all try to donate to different organizations, and we certainly at BHWG & BHWS do our more than fair share.  But after seeing what these people are going through and how they still have no power or gasoline - how can we not continue to do even more.

In the Melrose store, this Friday - we are hosting a wine & food tasting, and I will donate 10% of my sales to the Red Cross/Hurricane Sandy fund.  I will also have a bucket set up should anyone want to donate extra as well - I'm happy to include your donations with mine.

Please make it a point to come by, try some wine - and know that with every purchase, your contribution just might help someone with a new coat, or funds towards a new apartment while they're waiting to get back into their home - or maybe just food on the table.

Thank you...