Saturday, July 13, 2013

There's always something new going on.....

Did you know that every Saturday in our Melrose store, starting at 11am we sample out wine and cheese?  Rain, Snow, Sleet, Sunshine - it doesn't matter....the tastebuds are alive and kicking and we're happy to share some of our favorite finds with you.

Coming next week to both the Beacon Hill & Melrose:

LOCAL WINE FANS - hold onto your hats.  Mill River Winery out of Rowley, MA will be on our shelves.  Their Plum Island Sweeter Red and Plum Island Sweet White are sure to make your summer soirees feel a little more "beachside"....and their Sauvignon Blanc & Unoaked Chardonnay are quite nice.  We really think you're going to enjoy them.

DOG LOVERS -- Also coming are the Stray Dog Wines....inexpensive and delicious, these wines are not only fun - but they're generous!  A portion of the proceeds of my buying cases goes straight to the ASPCA!  If you try these wines and find that you seriously love them - you may want to consider buying cases of them.  You get 15% from me - while allowing for more money to go to the best organization in the world for protecting our furry friends.  Just something to think about.....

THEY'RE BACK -- after a two week hiatus, we're happy to tell you that Maitland Farm's Holly's Spicy Pickles are back in the refrigerator in Melrose.  These are hands down the most delicious pickles in town.  You've got to try them if you haven't already - and you'll see what we mean!

As always, we're happy to help you find something special for your wine glass, beer mug or dinner table.  Special orders are always welcome and it's our pleasure to work with you.