Monday, June 02, 2014

We're open! From Lobstah Fridays!

Did you know that we opened the gourmet shop Marathon weekend?  Well if you didn't, 'tis surely my fault because I did not get this blog updated, nor the website launched until recently.  So check out the new website for all three stores -- and let's get acquainted with the new gourmet shop, shall we?

From the most delicious sandwiches and salads - to our artisan cheese case, local food lines ranging from steak tips to chocolates and more - to fresh breads, crackers, charcuterie, fois gras & pates, gluten free items, vegan items, vinegars/oils/pastas/sauces, gelato/ice creams/chocolates/cookies and more -- we're your one stop gourmet and entertaining shop on Charles Street.  From every day meal ideas to appetizers and accompaniments that are perfect for picnicking on your deck - or formalizing your dinner party.

Looking for a fun way to celebrate the summer weekends? Then think about our Lobster Fridays - we're featuring delicious and home made lobster rolls, chock full of lobster meat and light on the mayo - just give us your name and number earlier in the week to reserve one - and we'll make sure you get a call as soon as they arrive!

We're constantly bringing in new items, so be sure to stop on in....and on June 22d, we're holding a wine and cheese tasting class; so stay tuned for those details or call the shop for more information!

And be sure to check out our new website: