Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holiday Week....

It's a big holiday week for everyone....and both stores have selections that are perfect for both the Easter & Passover Holidays.

Both stores are offering wines that are Kosher for Passover, including Tishibi Cabernet/Petit Syrah, Tishibi Emerald Riesling, Golan Chardonnay & Cabernet -- and of course, Manischewitz.

Our Melrose location has three tastings this week - and more specific information regarding what we'll be sampling will follow shortly, so keep checking back.

Thursday: Holiday Dinner Sampler, Pt. 1
Friday: Go Green Organic Sampling
Saturday: Holiday Dinner Sampler, Pt.2

We've got chocolates, candies, (even jellybeans!), oversized chocolate peanut butter cups and more for all your Easter gift basket stuffing.

The cheese case will have a fantastic selection, as well as a nice selection of fresh pasta that is available to add to your dinner table.

There's always something new going on in the Melrose shop.... and we're always changing our wine inventory in both locations, so come on by and pick out something that will be just perfect for your holiday table -- or just a quiet evening at home.

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