Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Springtime.....

This week has certainly felt like Spring....and hopefully the fever will last!

Today in the Melrose store, you can come by and sample Silvaner; it's a lesser known varietal than Riesling and it's perfect for warm weather - and also a great wine to go with holiday fare.

At 3pm, we're going to be opening up some Black Raspberry Chilly Cow Frozen Custard, as well as Chocolate. You've got to give this incredibly decadent ice cream a try....and, here's a thought: drizzle Trentadue Chocolate Port over Vanilla custard. Oh yeah.....

Upcoming tastings to note: Thursdsay 4/1 and Saturday 4/3 we'll be sampling wines that go great for the holiday table! Keep checking back for specific details.

We'd hoped to do an Opening Day celebration but since the Fenway opener is Easter Sunday, we may have to just have a "Take me out to the Ballpark" day another time in April. Look for that to feature Fenway Park & Green Monster Beer, Dom's Sausages, and maybe some peanuts & ice cream!

Next post - I'll share some of my personal favorite bottles that we added to the inventory over the past few weeks.

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