Friday, May 01, 2009

It's official....

As many of you know - we have been actively pursuing the opportunity to open a second location for some time now. To find the right location takes time and patience. We'd been close a time or two, but we believe timing is everything -- and the location we'd always hoped would become available, finally has.

We are officially in the competition for a wine & beer license in the previously dry community of Melrose.

We will be going before the board on May 12th, to discuss our business concept and hopefully have the community be as excited about having us be a part of their neighborhood - as much as we're excited to be hopefully joining them. Downtown Melrose is very similar to Beacon Hill in many aspects, as it's a beautiful walking neighborhood - mixed with residential homes and lovely small businesses.

This particular location will be larger than our Beacon Hill store -- and will also be offering cheeses, gourmet appetizers, menu planning and a variety of other services that our Boston customers will be able to capitalize on as well. We're hoping to not only embrace the community of Melrose - but also be able to offer our existing customers items and services that we aren't able to do now, that fully encapsulate all entertaining needs.

These are exciting times.....stay tuned!

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