Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally..... it's official!

As many of you know, we have been looking for the last two years to find the right location to open a second instance of our store -- one that is larger, and more expansive, to offer cheeses and gourmet foods and services -- to truly be an entertainment shop.

We have officially been awarded a liquor license in the once previously community of Melrose. The downtown area of Melrose is very similar to Beacon Hill; not only is it a walking neighborhood, it is a lovely mix of residential homes and small businesses -- and the businesses are the unique "Mom & Pop" small businesses that carry the same type of charm and personal involvement into the community as we like to do.

The building we will be in is beautiful -- truly a labor of love by the owner who painstakingly refurbished this corner building into being brand new, yet true to the charm and antique feel of the downtown area. We are going to be located on the corner of Main & Essex - just as we are on the corner of Charles & Mt. Vernon in Boston. I think I can comfortably and truthfully say that we are fortunate to be situated on two of the best possible locations in each area.

Finding the perfect spot has been challenging, but well worth the reward -- we hope that Melrose will be as happy to have us, as we are to join them.

Beacon Hill Wine & Gourmet is proud to be looking forward to calling Melrose home.

More details to follow.


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