Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't!

People often ask me what type of wine I like to drink.
That's actually a more difficult question than you would think.
I don't have just one favorite.
For me, it's very mood driven.

When I give that answer, sometimes I'm met with a look that's a bit puzzled - as if to say "you don't have one style that you stick to?".  It's actually not a surprising reaction, because as a retailer I often find that most people find a favorite and then drink it until they're bored of it - and move on to something different.

I've just never been that way.

Actually, I don't pair my wine with food so much as you might think; I go for what I'm in the mood to enjoy.  It doesn't often conflict with my meal choice, and if it does - then I'll indulge a bit before dinner, set my glass to the side - and finish after my meal.

That's typically the advice I try to give to people when they're shopping.  If you're going to dinner at a friend's and want to bring a wine for dinner - absolutely, let's pair it up as best we can.  If you're cooking a specific meal to enjoy with a wine and want it to be perfectly aligned, sure we can do that as well.

But I try to encourage people when they are indulging without being food specific - to try different things; shake it up a bit.  So that they too can be mood driven for what they will enjoy in the glass. 

Sometimes in the dead of summer, I'll still crave a big California Cab - such as Stag's Leap Artemis.  Other times it may be a lighter Viognier.  Or in the winter, sitting by the fire - I still might just want the crisp acidity of a Vouvray.  It's just how the mood hits me.

So the next time you're shopping and you're looking to try something new - let us help you think out of the box - and out of your comfort zone.  You just might find something perfect to fall in love with.

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