Thursday, July 26, 2012

Its been a long time...but let's try again!

Sure it's been a while since we've added something to the blog.  Partly because I was incredibly busy - and partly because - well, no one seemed to be reading it.  But let's give it another try, shall we?

We've got lots cooking in the Melrose shop... this coming Saturday, July 28th at 1pm we have a Port & Chocolate tasting.  I may even throw a little Dutch Vintage Gouda in there just for funsies.  Come on by and sample some of the best boutique port on the market that is at a very affordable price! 

Did you know that every Saturday in the Melrose store we have a bottle of some type of wine open as well as different cheeses and food items?  Check here, on Facebook and Twitter for all the announcements every Saturday morning.

Speaking of food....we've added so many new and exciting food lines to the Melrose location:  Boston Burger Salsa, Big Papi Salsas, Gelato Fiasco Gelato, Boxford Granola, Papa's Pizelles, Number 9 Tortillas, Something Sweet without Wheat maccaroons and Woola's Gluten Free Pastries -- just to name a few.  Did I mention that every single one of those are local food producers?  That's right, from Concord to Revere - Lynnfield to Boxford, you can feel good about shopping local and shopping fresh!

What's happening in the Beacon Hill store....well, we've been going through some renovations due to some water damages we suffered, so thank you very much for your patronage and patience through all of it!  We're enjoying the summer to re-energize the store and get ready to keep the most rocking 400 sq. ft. of alcohol stocked to the gills for this upcoming fall.  Summer is busy in Boston, but nothing like when late August rolls around.

In case you're looking for something special at any time, Monday is ordering day for both locations!  So be sure to get your special requests in to us as soon as you can!  You can email or call and we're more than happy to try to get the items you're looking for.

So for now - this is a good way to get the ball rolling again.  As always - please feel free to ask us anything, we're more than happy to answer it for you.



Tactile Travel said...

Glad you're back! As happy as I am to be on vacation, now I'm wishing I was back in Melrose to sample the goodies!

Could it be that some folks aren't posting on your blog as the comment section has a limited set of options for commenting?

BHWS / BHWG said...

Hi Alanna! Enjoy vacation.... how often do we really get to take them? I hope you're someplace fun, though I suppose anyplace that is away from the normal routine of life is good. :)

I had to moderate the comment section because of some inappropriate comments being left about a year or so ago. Hopefully, those will have dissipated and I can leave the comment areas unrestricted once again. It's possible that could be why interaction was slim.

I tend to think it has more to do with the fact that Facebook and Twitter have taken over, and blogging has regretfully - faded some. But hopefully - we will see a return!

Hope to see you soon!