Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What's going on..?

What are your plans for Saturday?
Why not come to an Afternoon Sampler, from 2-5 in our Melrose location.

Wines tentatively scheduled to be tasted are as follows:
Trentadue Chocolate Port, Hyatt Riesling, Bell Cabernet and one more that is escaping me at the moment. I'll have to update this tomorrow a.m. with the last wine, because truthfully - I'm exhausted and just can't remember what it would be.

As a reminder - every Friday, we have fresh bread.
And we are always happy and ready to make the perfect recommendation for you, whether it's a cheese to cook with - a wine to drink, or a gift to give to a friend.

We're also happy to make a fun beer recommendation for you as well. Which reminds me, we have some new product in coming tomorrow - and the one that I remember the most right now is Southern Tier's 2XIPA.

I'll tweet the updates for the beer cooler in the afternoon. Be sure to follow!

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