Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Working for the weekend....

Plans for the weekend?
Whether you're staying home, or visiting friends - we've got everything you need.

Friday evening, 5-8pm join us as we taste out the following:
Cline Viogner, E Guigal Cote Du Rhone Rose, and two red wines that are to be determined. (I will update this page once they are finalized, so check back!)

Back by popular demand in the beer cooler: Clown Shoes Brown Angel & Clementine.

We've also increased our Greek inventory to 4 white wines, and 2 reds. Tomorrow's post will include the varietals because I am at home, and don't recall them off the top of my head.

Ford Farm Five Layer is available in the cheese case after what feels a far too long hiatus; there are few things that can irritate a retailer more than the words "back order".

We've also added a rather novelty and fun chocolate: Chocolate "Buffalo" Wings. They're peanut butter stuffed chocolates shaped in to chicken wings, complete with whipped marshmellow for Bleu Cheese. They're sinfully delicious.

And that's my mid-week wrap up.
Did you take advantage of our Wednesday Pasta Night?
If not....maybe next week,

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