Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lagar De Besada Albarino, Saturday AM Sampler....

Good Morning!
And a gorgeous morning it is.... as you're walking around the downtown Melrose area today, be sure to stop in and sample some Albarino. It's the perfect choice for a hot summer day - and even better if you're going to be having raw bar or seafood today!

Never had Albarino before? Then you're in for a treat! If you're a Portugese wine drinker, then you may already be familiar with Alvarinho - their name of the grape. If not, then you can expect a deliciously light, crisp, slightly minerally and relatively fragrant wine. There's typically a slight hint of brine which is what practically makes it scream for oysters. It's also fantastic with Asian fare - but if you just want to enjoy it alone in the glass, it's perfect for relaxing on the patio in the summer sun.

Staycation Spain today... check out our Manchego cheese, Tapas seasoning mix, and Las Tapitas Flatbreads -- as well as Olive Oil & Sugar Tortas.

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