Friday, February 10, 2006

Wine Classes & Pepperwood Grove

So, I've been toying with an idea about expanding a portion of our business: Wine classes.

An informal way of educating groups of approximately 30 at a time - on the basics of understanding wine.
Not so much the complexities of the subject -but the basics.

To be able to order something other than White Zinfandel, or the "house red" or "house white" when at a restaurant.
To gain an understanding of one's palate.

Would you attend if you had the opportunity to?

Okay. So, I haven't given many tasting notes on reds to date.
And tonight is not any different!

2004 Pepperwood Grove Chardonnay.
In a word - delicious.

Fruit forward, but with a lingering finish that has what I would call a hint of oak. Not a dry, wine. Full bodied with a softness about it. Great stand alone, but try it with grilled salmon, mushroom risotto or barbequed pork chops. We had it tonight with chicken marinated with a bourbon sauce, cajun garlic rice - and sauteed kale & stringbeans w. onions. It was very nice.


Sheets said...

Have you ever tried Kris Pinot Grigio -2004? I just wondered what a more educated wine expert thought of that particular wine

Wines & Vines said...

Hi David -
Yes, I've had it, and it's quite nice. I can tell you that we have it in the store - and it sells very well. I haven't had it recently, so I can't recall tasting notes at the moment - but I do know that I enjoyed it. :)

Thanks for the inquiry!