Sunday, January 29, 2006

So many wines - so little time

Today we spent 2.5 hours at the Wine Expo. We don't stay much longer than that, because the trade hours are only for a short time. After the general public is allowed in, it gets hectic and crowded - and very difficult to "talk shop" (no offense!).

We focused on finding some good Malbecs, and Bordeauxs. We didn't get to try as many different styles as we had hoped, but we did manage to find some really interesting prospects to add to our eclectic selection. Besides, your palate can only handle tasting so many wines in a short period of time, so I think we did well.

Once I get my notes together, I'll post tasting information on a few wines that I found to be rather interesting.

If you attended - and found something in particular - please do share. We'd love to hear what you enjoyed.

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