Saturday, November 23, 2013

Open "Thank You" Letter...

I submitted the following letter to all of our news publications in the Melrose area - as well as the Boston Globe.  As I've yet to see it appear online or in print - I wanted to also put it on the blog so that anyone who visits here, will know how important everyone's contributions are and how they have not gone unnoticed.

"As we're approaching the holiday season, everyone has returned from their summer vacations and settled back into their daily routines; Thanksgiving is upon us, and what better time to reflect upon things that have happened in the past year, and remember people whom we are grateful for?

Giving back to the community is the advertising model that Beacon Hill Wine & Gourmet uses; as opposed to traditional advertising, we choose to use our funds towards donating to as many charitable events in and around our community.  We feel that it is a "win-win" situation and we're helping as much as a small business can.  In addition to that, we also run fundraisers throughout the year for various organizations that are near and dear to us, or for events that are tragic and strike our hearts.  This past year we held 3 such events - the first one was a Red Cross/Hurricane Sandy Victims Fundraiser; the 2d was our Annual Dana Farber/Jimmy Fund Fundraiser that we hold each April, the Sunday prior to Marathon Monday; and the 3rd one was our Fundraiser to Benefit Marc Fucarile, one of the more severely injured Boston Marathon Bombing victims in our community.

While I thank everyone for their support and participation for each event, I'd like to take a moment to show special appreciation and gratitiude for the fundraiser that benefitted Marc.  This was an event that was our largest ever, featuring over 9 vendors both inside and outside of our store - a "block party" so to speak. I'd like to thank my customers who shopped that day knowing that their purchase proceed was going to such a great cause; and then also donated to the raffle in addition to their purchase. I am truly thankful for your support. 

I'd like to thank not only the vendors that participated, but the incredibly generous donors who volunteered to donate items to our raffle once they heard about it.  I did not solicit any items; I planned on donating my own products to raffle off and I was overwhelmed with the generosity from local businesses. wineries across the country - and even customers - who graciously said " I want to do something to contribute".  We had over 30 raffle items donated ranging from gift certificates, handmade blankets & gifts, to autographed athletic jerseys and caps, bottles and cases of wine, Boston Strong glasses - to our largest of donations, a gas grill.  This was our most financially successful fundraiser to date, with 100% of raffle donations and over 15% of my sales for the day donated. 

I am proud to say that in September, I had the opportunity to meet Marc & his fiancee Jen - and present them with the donation of over $3200.00  I can tell you first hand, that all who donated can feel good knowing that their donation in kindness to a stranger - will absolutely have an impact on his life.

I'd like to publicly thank the following businesses & people:  City of Melrose, Gray's Appliances & Brad Hutchinson Realty, Melrose Boot Camp, Madison Avenue, Bodyography, Beacon Hill Wine & Spirits, MS Walker Wines, Oz Pacific Wines, Gauthier Vineyards, Vineyard Road Wines & Evening Land Vineyards, Harpoon Brewery, Craft Brewers/Michael O'Neill, Mayflower Beer, AFLAC, Sinfully Tanned, Diane Keohane, Lisa Miller, Tara Dillon, Kristina Harrison, Dr. Joel Alper DDS, Jessica's Brick Oven, Savory Food Importing, Dom's Sausage, Chilly Cow, To Die for Dips, Fiore Di Nonno, Wine Cask & Lapis Luna Vineyards, Marie Nyland/Stella & Dot, BYoga, Accardi Foods, Burke Distributing, Minuteman Press, Kristin Stelle/Maritignetti Distributors and Lisa Hall.

Lastly but equally as important,  I'd like to thank my staff who always go over and above in their efforts in everything that they do, most especially in events such as these.

While I know this was a long winded thank you, it was something that I didn't think could be skimped on; when saying "thank you" and showing gratitude and appreciation to so many, I think it's important to have everyone understand the importance of their actions, no matter how small they may have felt their contribution was.  I am so incredibly proud to be a part of a community who rises to the occasion time and time again - and for that, I will forever feel honored and thankful.


Rebecca Beraldi.
Beacon Hil Wine & Gourmet"

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