Thursday, May 09, 2013

Boston Strong - Fundraiser for Stoneham's Marc Fucarile, 1 June 2013

The Boston Marathon bombings had such a tremendous impact, because while Boston is a major metropolitan city - it's still a very small world.  It is almost impossible to not know someone that was either injured, or at the very minmium - present - at the time of the tragedy.  It doesn't take 6 degrees of separation to have a personal tie for most of us, and that is amazing and scary when you stop and think about it.

We wanted to do a fundraiser, but rather than donating to the One Fund - we wanted to do something more personal - and have an event with proceeds to go directly to one victim.  After hearing the breadth of injuries that Marc Fucarile suffered, we felt drawn towards supporting him and his family, and have coordinated a fundraiser to benefit him specifically.

Please join us on June 1st, from 12-4 as we have beer, wine and food vendors and some incredibly outstanding raffle items!  15% of the total sales for the day are being donated as well as 100% of raffle donations. 

Here's just a sampling of what we have lined up for vendors (more being determined as of this writing, so keep checking back!): Distlers Pretzels, To Die For Dips, Dom's Sausages, Fiore di Nonno Cheese, Jessica's Brick Oven Breads,  Harpoon Beer, Oz Wine, MS Walker Wine and more!

Raffle Items donated to date (more being donated, updates to follow!):   2 collections of 6 bottles of Gauthier Wine & 2 Boston Strong Wine Glasses, (courtesy of Gauthier Wines & Diane Keohane), Bodyography Gift Certificate (Bodyography), Sinfully Tanned Personalized Tanning Certificate (Sinfully Tanned),  Madison Avenue Gift Certificate (Madison Avenue), Weber Gas Grill (Brad Hutchinson RE & Grays Appliance), Tiganello (MS Walker), Craft Beer collection (Craft Brewers), Beer donation (Mayflower Beer), Giant AFLAC duck (AFLAC) and more!

Please make it a point to come, because every dollar counts - and we want to make this the most successful fundraiser ever. 

Boston is strong...but most importantly, Boston is supportive of one another.

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