Friday, June 24, 2011

What's new, delicious and exciting....?

Coming no later than July 1 (at least that's what my rep tells me), the Melrose store is going to be graced with the presence of the Bialetti Moka 6 cup! With all the expensive espresso makers sold around the world, native Italians prefer espresso from stovetop espresso makers and more Italians use Bialetti for their stovetop Italian coffee. For an excellent cup of Italian coffee, the classic eight-side household coffeepot is considered a true Italian tradition.

Of course, you can't buy an espresso maker without, we're also going to be adding to our culinary treats - Lavazza Espresso & Coffee!  Since the Moka is not only an espresso maker but a coffee maker, we decided to give you the option to indulge in some fine Italian coffee outside of just the expected Espresso.  By the way - coming soon is also a frother companion - and can be used with either warm or cold milk!  Hello Latte....

Also new this coning week is something I'm pretty excited about too - and also from Bialetti.  Their line of Aeternum saute pans in beautiful colors will be here - match a pan with some fantastic olive oil, a pasta & a bottle of wine - and wish someone a warm "welcome home" if they've just moved in.  Or for that new Mom who is struggling to get it all together - bring her a meal that you made in the pan and bring it to her house with the pan as a gift.  Trust me - she'll thank you for it!
And finally -- every week we add new wine & beer to our eclectic inventory.  New beer to watch for:  21st Amendment's Hell or High Watermelon and Live Free or Die IPA, as well as Notch Session Ale; Wolaver Wildflower Wheat is also making a return.  The Melrose store gets beer deliveries starting each Wednesday - so send me your request before then and I'll be happy to get your favorite brew on the shelf!

Wine is always changing - and there's always something good.  We've added a few new Organic wines to our rack, and of course 'tis the season for fabulously delicious wines that you can bring to a BBQ.  Don't think red is just for winter because trust me when I tell you that there are plenty of Zinfandels that aren't too heavy when you're hanging in the yard having a burger.

We've got lots of events coming this summer as well.  Look for a Spanish Fiesta Sampler - complete with Sangria - coming soon, as well as another Champagne & Cupcake Soiree.  We have an upcoming Chandon Sparkling tasting which will debut a new flavor on our shelves -- the Riche.  And we also are going to be a participant in North Shore Magazine's Wine Week at the end of the summer.  So be sure to stay tuned as the dates for all these fun events and more will be posted here, on Twitter - and our Face Book page.

Happy Summer!

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