Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance." --- Benjamin Franklin

Today, I attended a Silver Oak & Twomey Tasting at The Market Restaurant in the W Hotel in Boston.

I have to say - the food was outstanding; the downside - it was uber petite.
UBER. (Code for I was still hungry.  But that's okay, it really tasted outstanding.)

That being said, the wines were of course phenomenal. Standouts for me were the Twomey Sav Blanc, and the Merlot. LOVED the Merlot, but I'm always sort of crushing on good Merlot anyway. I think if someone was to say "quick, what's your favorite varietal".... I'd have to say Merlot, with the caveat of it being that it has to be 1.)well made and 2.) not over oaked. I don't love feeling like I'm chewing on a tree; I much prefer the beautiful fruit.

Out of the two Silver Oaks (Alexander & Napa Valley), my preference was by far the Napa. Amazingly delicious and best of all - ready to drink. Silver Oak is one of those producers who prefers to sell table ready wine, so you don't have to question whether it's ready when you buy it or not -- no surprises. You've got to love it.

You're going to find the Twomey on our shelves in the next week - and of course, Silver Oak - is already there. 

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