Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Don't forget Mom....

This Saturday, from 2-5 join us for a Mother's Day Sampler as we taste out the following:

Bell Cabernet
Hyatt Riesling (Washinton State)
Hyatt Merlot (Washington State)
Trentadue Chocolate Port

We've got all sorts of new food items this week!
Pam's Black Bean Salsa -- a delicious and fresh black bean salsa; DennyMike's Rub Blends in Pixie Dust & Cow Bell Hell; and Cormier's Saute Sauces in Garlic & Jalapeno, Garlic & Ginger, and Orange Burst. Best of all -- they're all LOCAL products! Pam's Black Bean is based out of Marblehead, DennyMike is from York Maine, and Cormier's Saute Sauces are created out of neighboring Stoneham.

As always, I try very hard to have unique and delicious food items that are local because buying local means buying fresh. And -- it also helps surge our local economy -- and every little bit helps!

We also have a new cheese for the case -- Landaff cheese which is brought to us by Jasper Hill Farms in VT. It's a deliciously tangy and nutty cheese, but incredibly creamy and mild. Think along the lines of a Land o'Lakes White Cheese with a tang to it. It's amazing for a cheese plate - and I'd say fabulous for a fun twist on grilled cheese. Ask us for a sample - we'd love to have you try it!

New in the beer cooler is a local beer from Canton: Blue Hills IPA & Imperial Red. Good, good stuff.

Don't forget to check out our blackboard for staff favorite selections and upcoming tastings!
Hope to see you soon!

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