Friday, June 19, 2009

2006 Chateau de Cazeneuve Pic Saint Loup

So, the official tasting notes are: "Deeply-coloured , with an intensly savoury nose with dominant aromas of roasted meat, dried herbs and crushed peppercorns. The palate is elegant, yet sufficiently rich, with a smooth fruity (cassis and blackberries) mouthfeel and flinty tannins. Excellent on its own or for pairing with red-sauce Italian dishes. "

I have to say, I agree. It's a very easy drinking, fruity and not overly big bodied Languedoc wine. If you enjoy Chateneuf du Pape, this is a lighter but similar style.

We had it tonight with a relatively over cooked steak (oops, it happens sometimes) and a spring penne, which is just tossed with olive oil, garlic, green onions and blueberries. The wine worked -- and truly, was fabulous by itself.

This will not disappoint!

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