Friday, November 21, 2008

Looking to try something new?

Have you given South Africa a try yet?

Relatively still "new kids" on the wine block (at least in the minds of consumers) -- South Africa has quickly become the hottest trend in wine since Australia.

Pinotage is their signature grape -- and it's one of those varietals that to know it -- is to love it. I personally love a good Pinotage, however I do think it's something that there is no middle ground on; either you like Pinotage or you don't. It's one of the most interesting and different styles I've had and the best way I can describe it for you, is that if you have a good glass of it -- it will dance on your tongue.

But if you aren't feeling adventurous enough to take the chance, then feel free to stick to their traditional styles of wine. Inexpensive and delicious, South African wines are great for those who don't care for dry, or Old World style of wine. The varietals tend to be very bright, vibrant and fruit forward - without too much tannic aftertaste or acidity.

My personal favorites are from the Graham Beck vineyard, and the two I'll share with you are these: the Chenin Blanc is really nicely balanced with a ton of tropical fruits and crispness; and the Shiraz/Cabernet blend is absolutely delicious. The best part of that one is that it's casked in both steel and oak, so there's this great fruity taste with warm tones of chocolate and the spice you'd expect from a Shiraz.

So if you have the opportunity, give South Africa a swirl. You won't be disappointed.
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