Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jack O'Lantern, Jack O'Lantern....

Looking for something fun for the adults to drink for Halloween?
While pumpkin flavored wines are more often than not found at small fruit vineyards outside of MA -- have no fear, there's pumpkin flavored beer!

Pumpkin ales are perfect for Halloween and the autumn season in general.
Pumpkinhead by Shipyard is a great brand to try.

If you want to try something creative - make your own cauldron of Witch's Brew!

Place your "cauldron" into something deep, such as a planters barrel that you can paint black -- add some dry ice underneath and serve up a potion that's sure to make everyone feel as if you've cast a spell upon them!

3 packages Lime Kool-Aid
1 bottle Vodka
1 bottle Fruit juice (any)
20-25 pieces Fruit, mixed
1 gal Sherbet (any flavor)

Mix all ingredients(in any order) in a large tub, which can hold several gallons. Stir so that the Sherbert is completely dissolved. With the exception of the kool-aid and sherbert, as much or little of the other ingredients may be used.

With all the flavored vodkas on the market today -- the possibilities for this Witches Brew are endless!!

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