Monday, September 15, 2008

Spooky...trendy....and fun!

So we went to the Gift Show to order Halloween decorations for our small window display:
(This isn't a great shot of it, but hey - it was only his cell phone that took the video!)

We always have a nice display for the holiday season, both winter and summer; but Gene has really been wanting to do a Halloween display. Everyone loves the displays we do - most especially the kids - and who doesn't love Halloween? So we went to the Gift Complex to order from the distributor who supplies our window display items. We had fun picking out the haunted pieces and creative lighting that will illuminate the front of the shop...

And, I popped into the distributor who sells alot of the glasses, and other items that we will be offering in both locations soon. Now that was a lot of fun. Fun and funky handpainted glasses, beautiful classic styles....fantastic books about wine and cheese, great linens -- and so much more.

All of the products that will be sold in our second location - will be available in the Beacon Hill location as well. It will just take some creativity to display them due to the lack of space in Boston - but we'll figure it out.

Imagine, you'll be able to pop in - order a case of wine and some delicious artisan cheese to go with it if you choose. Maybe a couple of fun wine glasses to surprise your significant other...some great music -- the possibilities are endless...

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