Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gewurtztraminer & Shiraz....

A few weeks back we hosted another in home wine party, and we used what has become the most popular theme of "Wine from Around the World". Depending on the audience, and the type of party the host is looking for, determines the variety that we will present. The party from last night generally speaking, was not a wine savvy crowd at all - so we stayed away from bigger and bolder wines, and presented very easy drinking variations of the themes.

Of the 6 wines that we brought, these two were particularly interesting to me. We brought a New Zealand Gewurtztraminer -- usually a German wine, it was interesting to taste this variation. We also brought a very delicious South Australian Shiraz that is a steal for the price given the flavor.

Personally, I thought it tasted exactly like a Sauvignon Blanc from that region, but with a hint of spice at the end. It was actually more acidic than I had expected.

Of course the names are escaping me at the moment....I'll have to go back in my notes and add them in for this posting.

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