Monday, September 26, 2005

Stop in and see us sometime...

So, I'm a little dissapointed that this community tasting forum hasn't quite taken off as I'd hoped. Especially since blogging is such a "hot" thing at the moment. But I will keep on posting, and maybe - just maybe - some of you will participate!

If you are in the Boston area, please stop by. We've just recently refurbished our French, German, Australian reds, and white Burgundy sections to the point of them being referred to as "the best, eclectic selection in Boston" by some of our competitors - who were nice enough to identify themselves while they were "spying on the competition"! I'll withhold their names out of respect, as we do appreciate them sharing that tidbit of information with us.

Autumn is falling upon us in short order - time for me to start thinking about sampling bigger, heartier wines than I'd been drinking previously....Please, feel free to share your tasting notes or ask questions. We want this to be a forum for all.



Anonymous said...

You should jazz things up by showing pictures of the wines you are writing about. Also, a link to your inventory would be great.

Wines & Vines said...

Hi -
Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately, we don't keep our inventory online - we're a very small, eclectic store - and the inventory is continually rotating. So it's difficult to maintain an online inventory; but the suggestion for some photographs of the wine is a nice idea. Thanks -and keep checking back!

t-busbabe said...

Hi R, I surfed over here from glitter's page..after some investingating of course. I am in desperate need to find a wine and I am hoping you can help. Unfortunately I am only somewhat computer savvy...So if you can help me I would totally appreciate it.
First let me just say, on her blog and 28going40 you are ALWAYS super sweet.
Ok the wine is from Texas, (love Texas) from the vineyards of sister's creek and I think it's called muscat canelli??

Funny story real quick..I went to Texas hanging on my sister's shirttails for business. While she worked I checked out Dallas. Forwarding this story, we went wine tasting in Fort hammered..loved sister's creek..she went to work the next day..I drank the whole bottle, got rocked, she never even tried it so I need to find her a bottle or case..since I was the drunken housewife at home,I still rave about it...she's a litlle bitter..hahaha

So i'll check back in with you to see if you can help?? Thank you R

Wines & Vines said...

Hey T-bus babe!
Thanks for your kind words! :)

I am sorry to tell you - Sister's Creek Vineyards is not available in MA at this time! We checked our book and it wasn't in there - so I went online to the Vineyard itself, and they don't appear to be a national Vineyard. What you COULD do, since your sister lives there - is contact a shop in the area she lives in and surprise her with a purchase, and have them deliver it! :) We get requests for deliveries from out of state people all the time -so, it would be nothing for you to call a store in her area, and purchase a bottle or two and have them deliver it to her doorstep! :)

Sounds like she'll get a great kick out of the surprise too... :)

Thanks for stopping by - and don't hesitate to ask for anything. :)

t-busbabe said...

Hi R, thank you for looking anyways. I apprecaite it. No she doesn't live there...she was going on business and I just happen to be on vacation that week..she used her frequent flier miles etc. etc. No wonder I couldn't find it online...maybe it wasn't me being stupid with a computer..hehe
Thank you very much..I will stop in and get some wine..I drive a MBTA bus in the area..and after each day I could use a glass of wine...or two..hahaha

Rebecca said...

Absolutely! Stop in and ask for Gene when you're there. He'll steer you in the right direction.

My sister's brother in law drives for the T, as well as a friend of my Mom's. The circle may be smaller than we happens to be the case more often than not!

Anonymous said...

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