Saturday, July 23, 2005

Is that a Martini you're drinking - or are you just happy to see me?

Okay. So I'm going to go a little off topic of wine - and give a HUGE plug to a local restaurant that makes the absolutely BEST Martini's....ever. Even if you think you aren't a Martini fan, you will be after visiting this place (those of you local to MA).

It's called Venetian Moon, on Main Street in Reading Center. (Rte 28). If you do a search online for them, it appears there's no website, but CitySeach seems to have an outdated menu there - with NO Martini's listed. So you're going to have to trust me on this one.

The food is very good - eclectic Italian style dishes; good sized servings and one of the best Marsala's I've tasted. As simple as Marsala is - it's difficult to find a good one at a restaurant. Average entree is between $14 - $20.

BUT - the point of all of this is the Martini bar and selection. I didn't count so don't hold me to this number, but I believe they offer 50 different kinds. Our goal is to try each one of them, of course! Not only are they creative and fun -- they're all made really well. If you like Martinis, then you know how dissapointing it is to order one and have it be all wrong. I've had 6 different ones there, and yet to have one that wasn't made just right. Just a little FYI about me: I'm not really into "fou fou" sweet drinks (e.g. Green Apple, Watermelon, etc..) - I'm more of a "plain Jane" Vanilla Vodka kind of girl... ;)

On a wine note -- I drank a few average wines over the week, nothing worth noting really.


FouFou said...

Hate to break it to you but vanilla vodka is "fou fou." Why do people insist on calling any cocktail served in a martini glass a "fill in the quotes"tini? Hey! I just invented a new drink! Presenting the Bubbletini: Pour champagne into a martini glass. Sip will pretending that you and your friends are sophisticated...just like the girls on Sex and the City. Nothing says classy like a (flavored) martini!

Wines & Vines said...

Hey fou fou! Love the bubbletini ;) And I love your screen name. I'm a very fou fou girl in just about everything. I do however like plain vanilla vodka - with a little rim sugar. Don't even need anything else to give it additional flavor, hence the "plain jane" descriptor. I should've clarified! But yes - I totally agree, martini's are a ton of fun. Thanks for posting!